4 Reasons Why Estate Planning Attorneys Who Get Helpful New Software Still Struggle and Feel Overwhelmed

Jan 19, 2017 9:45:29 AM

Is your estate planning software designed and battle tested by top estate attorneys? Wealth Docx® is.The right estate planning software makes your work easier and helps your practice thrive. (Or at least it should, in theory!) Why, then, do so many estate planning attorneys find their new software not only less than helpful, but exasperating?

Here are a few possibilities:

  1.  The software wasn’t created by actual estate planning attorneys. Perhaps it wasn’t created or beta tested by anyone with a law degree! Software designed by people with technical expertise but no real conception of estate law practice will almost certainly generate frustration when put to use in the real world. 
  2. New software gets old quickly if not constantly updated. State and federal laws change on a regular basis, but software updating is only as good as its database. A database weak on updates can cause significant issues – some of which may not become apparent until after your client dies.
  3.  Template language may not be as precise as necessary, or the template itself isn’t that attractive. These flaws lead your firm to produce documents that aren’t as polished or professional as you would like. The clumsiness of presentation leads to resistance to use the software for obvious reasons. You don’t want to generate poor or imprecise work. 
  4. The learning curve is brutal. Poorly-designed software is neither logical nor intuitive, and you and your staff end up irritated by its inherent difficulties. 

Get the Right Software for Your Practice

Like it or not, your estate planning practice is increasingly only as good as your software. You need confidence in your documents and confidence in your document preparation processes. Wealth Docx® could be your answer. It’s designed and battle tested by top estate attorneys; it’s intuitive and easy to learn and use; it produces beautiful, clear output; and it receives legal updates continuously, allowing you to sit back and trust the deliverables. 

If you’re frustrated by your firm’s estate planning software, the time to change is now: explore the possibilities with Wealth Docx, and get the precision and power you need to take your firm to the next level.

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