Announcing Paraprofessional Symposium: A Conference for Your Whole Office

Mar 15, 2019 10:00:00 AM


In the practice of law, paraprofessionals are indispensable. They can, and often do, assist attorneys with a myriad of tasks—from marketing to case preparation, and anything in-between. Today a paralegal must be a consummate juggler, proofreader, planner, and organizer. Essentially, they must do whatever it takes to help a law firm run smoothly.

Because paraprofessionals are so important to the operation of a successful legal practice, we think they deserve their own professional conference. That's why we're so excited to announce the launch of our new Paraprofessional Symposium, which will be held alongside our larger Symposium 2019 in Boston on July 31, 2019.

Excited to bring support to the paraprofessional community, John Doyle, WealthCounsel's CFO and COO says, “when you’re running a small or solo practice, every single team member makes a significant impact on your clients’ impression of your firm, your reputation, and, ultimately, your success as a business. We’re excited to offer a robust Symposium this year that addresses the success of estate planning attorneys from every angle. This is such a unique opportunity for attorneys to bring their paraprofessionals with them to Boston, or for paraprofessionals to come on their own, and dedicate a full day to paraprofessional development and the overall success of their firm.”

During the conference, paraprofessionals have the opportunity to network with other paralegals from around the country and learn the latest tips and tricks from industry leaders so they can continue to support their legal practices' success.

The new paraprofessional sessions include topics like:

  • Efficient case management

  • How to be your firm’s greatest asset

  • Working efficiently with virtual collaboration tools

  • How to handle the difficult client

The Paraprofessional Symposium sessions will be held in the Boston Public Library on Wednesday, July 31. Business planning and estate planning attorneys will have their own concurrent conference, Symposium 2019, at the Boston Park Plaza hotel from July 30-August 2. Due to limited ticket availability, we recommend purchasing your Paraprofessional Symposium pass today.


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