Complex Concepts in Estate Planning: Planning for the $500,000+ IRA

Apr 2, 2021 10:04:03 AM


If you still have questions regarding the impact of the SECURE Act on your client’s individual retirement account (IRA) and estate plan, you are not alone. Planning for clients whose largest asset is their IRA was already challenging prior to the passage of the SECURE Act, but with new rules and exceptions to consider, planning for these clients is even more complex. Now more than ever, estate planning attorneys must understand the ins and outs of the SECURE Act and how it affects their clients’ plans.

Planning for IRAs

Join Robert Keebler on April 7 to resolve your lingering questions so that you can confidently provide knowledgeable advice and recommendations to your clients. Topics covered in the presentation include  

  • the ten-year rule and its exceptions,
  • the five-year rule and the ghost rule,
  • changes to the IRA required minimum distribution rules,
  • trusts for disabled and chronically ill beneficiaries, 
  • taxation of IRAs when a trust is the beneficiary,
  • Roth conversions prior to death, 
  • the two-trust rule, and
  • replacing IRAs with life insurance.

 Learn more about this topic by watching the video below!

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About the speaker

Robert has been named by CPA Magazine as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners in the United States and one of the Top 40 Tax Advisors to Know During a Recession.

Mr. Keebler’s practice includes family wealth transfer and preservation planning, charitable giving, retirement distribution planning, and estate administration. Mr. Keebler frequently represents clients before the National Office of the Internal Revenue Service in the private letter ruling process and in estate, gift and income tax examinations and appeals. He has received more than 250 favorable private letter rulings, including several key rulings of “first impression.” He is the author of over 100 articles and columns, and has edited, authored or co-authored many books and treatises on wealth transfer and taxation.

Mr. Keebler has been a speaker at national estate planning and tax seminars for over 20 years, including the AICPA’s: Estate Planning, High Income, and Advanced Financial Planning Conferences, as well as ABA Conferences, NAPEC Conferences, The Notre Dame
Estate Planning Conference, and has spoken at the Heckerling Estate Planning Institute. Currently, he is the chair of the 2017 AICPA ENGAGE Conference.

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