WealthCounsel: Empowering New and Transitioning Estate Planners

May 11, 2018 12:32:28 PM


Law itself is a demanding industry. It requires practitioners to constantly keep abreast with, and adapt to, legislative changes. It demands a keen eye with an attention to detail, as well as the ability to see how strategic plans fit within clients larger estate planning goals. Unlike other businesses, attorneys have strict advertising ethical guidelines to adhere to, hampering their ability to advocate for their services and compete with cheaper do-it-yourself legal solutions.

Unsurprisingly, this does not make it easy on attorneys who also have to grapple with learning the intricacies of estate planning, as well as possibly running their own business. Recent legal studies have shown that in 2016, 47% of legal practices turned to legal technology to help them keep their competitive edge. What’s moreit’s workingwith those firms reporting significant increases in revenue, cost reductions, workflow efficiencies and better work/life balances.

Download “The 5 Essentials for New and Transitioning Estate Planners and discover the essential tasks that new attorneys can start work on today, to set up their practice for future success.

Who knows these issues better than an attorney? Who better to create solutions? WealthCounsel is designed to help attorneys deal with the unique challenges faced by new, transitioning, and veteran estate planners. A holistic solution that meets every need and helps attorneys evolve their legal practices. As a one-stop shop, it:

Shortens the learning curve and reduces the ramp-up time

Emphasis on practical learning with CLE courses, live streaming events, on-demand webinars, intensive online courses, and a 24-hour online resource library.

Boosts drafting confidence and legal competence

Personalized membership support of professionals serving professionals.

Accelerates profitability

Streamline your legal workflows with Wealth Docx® and learn how to run your business through our practice development classes.

Connects you with thousands of colleagues

Network with our professional community, join online forums and local meet-ups.


If you’re ready to get the help you need and take your practice to the next level, schedule a demo with one of our staffdiscuss pricing and learn how WealthCounsel can meet your practice’s particular needs.

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