Why Are You Procrastinating on Improving Your Law Firm’s Technology?

Apr 6, 2017 8:00:00 AM

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What’s the difference between a successful and mediocre estate planning attorney? Increasingly, it’s a matter of law firm technology. If your firm operates with aging, less than ideal, software and equipment, you could be sacrificing some degree of competitiveness. Here are a few reasons you might be making slow progress on your firm’s tech end:

Inadequate Current Technology:

Ironically, your oldie–but, in your opinion, goodie–software or template library bears some responsibility for your upgrading procrastination. What you’re using now is familiar, your staff seems OK with it, so what’s the hurry? Adequate software is not synonymous with good software. And if you are considered about the learning curve for new software, newer software is increasingly user-friendly.

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Price Plunge

Although there are bargains out there, tech has not yet reversed the dictum that you get what you pay for. If you’re waiting for a drop in prices as new products come on the market, realize that’s more true for hardware than software. And it is fine to wait for special deals, but, in the meantime, figure out what you need and start looking.

Proven Outcomes

Attorneys are rarely first adapters of new technology. You want to ensure that any kinks in technology are well worked out before you take the plunge. That makes sense, up to a point. However, don’t let this concern mean you’re so wedded to the safety of old stuff, that it affects your documents and practice.

Apply Your Research Skills To Researching New Tech

The only way to stop procrastinating is to take action, so apply the same vigor of research you use for clients, to your own practice’s tech. Look into software like Wealth Docx to know exactly what these programs offer. For example, Wealth Docx is written and vetted by experienced estate planning attorneys. It includes regular updates to reflect legal or regulatory changes so you are up-to-date. Once you start using Wealth Docx in your practice, you’ll wonder what took you so long.

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