Innovative, Cloud-Based Document Drafting Software Gives Estate Planning Attorneys Flexibility, Security

Oct 27, 2017 8:00:00 AM

  • Accessible, cloud-based document drafting software lets attorneys draft securely from anywhere, on any device, providing a “virtual office”

  • Improves collaboration, eliminates common drafting errors, and simplifies editing, saving attorneys time that they can spend focusing on client relationships

  • Includes ancillary documents specific to each U.S. state

  • Document Set View lets you see all ancillary documents in one place

  • Add-a-clause feature enables attorneys to create their own clause libraries

SALT LAKE CITY — WealthCounsel, the nation’s leading provider of document drafting software for estate planning attorneys, today announced Wealth Docx® online, an enhanced, cloud-based version of its traditional software solution. Now attorneys throughout the country can draft estate planning documents more efficiently and securely while improving collaboration and gaining real-time access to ancillary documents specific to every U.S. state.

“We created a product specifically for delivery on the Internet, offering a cloud-based document-assembly solution that includes a contact management database,” says WealthCounsel Vice President of Platform Mark Hevrdejs. “Wealth Docx online helps attorney’s improve the flow of information and access specific data to increase their firm’s efficiency.”

With the online application, attorneys gain flexibility across platforms — allowing seamless collaboration with the peace of mind of superior 24/7 security features. Wealth Docx online is accessible from any device, anywhere, which makes drafting trust and estate documents easy from work, home, and on the go. This is an answer to modern demand for an intuitive, virtual office, and the responsive design interface is tailored to busy attorneys on the move.

Secure Document Delivery

Wealth Docx online goes above and beyond basic security measures that are required by bar associations. Regular vulnerability scans of the software ensure compliance with web application security best practices, and go a step further to provide alerts regarding any new potential security threats. Wealth Docx online also performs real-time sync for disaster-recovery purposes, and maintains detailed audit trails of all log-ins, reads, inserts, updates and deletions within legal documents.

“Some attorneys believe that their office and their laptop computers are more secure than the cloud — where in fact, office-based computing environments are less secure and more vulnerable to unexpected hazards like fire and theft,” says WealthCounsel CEO Brett Pinegar. “Cloud-based environments, such as the one used for Wealth Docx online, keep sensitive information secure, and we are constantly monitoring and using best practices to deliver the consistent uptime and secure data storage attorneys need.”

Wealth Docx online is hosted on a cluster of servers for increased redundancy and automatically backed up daily to on-server and off-server storage. Regular backups allow data restoration from a predefined point in time, and all data passes through encrypted protocols. With these extra backup and security measures, attorneys do not need to worry about losing access to essential client documents and can rest assured that all client data is secure.

Improved Collaboration and User Adaptability

Collaboration is significantly improved in the cloud, and through a shared online workspace attorneys can resolve issues and improve documents real time. Whether it’s sharing documents, leaving comments, editing or revising remotely, Wealth Docx online improves efficiency and cooperation among colleagues.

The Add-A-Clause feature lets attorneys create their own clause libraries, allowing them to put their fingerprint on the documents they’re creating for clients. This feature reduces the time attorneys often spend tweaking clauses and personalizing documents, cutting out the busywork and freeing up more time to focus on client needs.

21st Century Flexibility

Working in the cloud gives attorneys flexibility to work across devices and platforms — including OS X, Windows, and tablets. Drafts can change platforms with ease, and through responsive design, the interface scales and optimizes to whatever device you’re on.

“This is the first drafting solution that works as well on a Mac as it does on a PC,” Pinegar says. “Many attorneys now see the benefits of a Mac-based environment and we’re giving them a native, Mac-friendly environment, along with a cloud-based component, and Word-based toolbar, which is a critical part of assembling and editing a document. We are excited to give attorneys the ability to practice in whatever way they want.”

Practice Efficiency

Illinois attorney Amish Shah got in touch with a WealthCounsel representative to learn how to optimize document drafting with Wealth Docx online. Shah said traditional, desktop drafting software could not keep up with the demands of his practice. He said productivity drastically improved as a result of Wealth Docx online features like online collaboration, personalization tools and cross-platform compatibility.

“I always felt like desktop drafting software was outdated, and it never quite gave me the tools I needed for my practice.” Shah said. “Wealth Docx online streamlines the drafting experience, and is easy to use. When it comes to meeting the needs of my clients, it’s nice to have a program that can keep up with my schedule.”

Wealth Docx online includes ancillary documents for all 50 U.S. states, allowing attorneys to expand into new markets and spend less time editing documents by making them state specific. The Document Set View allows users to see all ancillary documents in one place, offering a complete 360-degree view of clients to ensure that no detail is overlooked or omitted. With confidence in the quality of their documents, attorneys can spend more time focusing on building client relationships.

In addition, Wealth Docx online keeps attorneys up to date on important legal and regulatory changes that might affect legal drafting. Users receive notifications of legal content updates which are applied automatically with no installations required. The virtual office model guarantees drafting is current to ensure quality service for clients while expanding the opportunity to conduct business beyond the desk and beyond local markets.

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