Wealth Docx Estate Planning Software for Attorneys Now Integrates with Clio

Feb 23, 2018 3:02:38 PM

 Use Wealth Docx and draft accurately and efficiently.

Many legal practices rely on a patchwork of different legal software solutions to run their business – one for practice management and another for document prep. However, when your systems don’t talk to one another and you have to re-enter client information, time can be lost and accuracy jeopardized.

Soon, this problem will be an archaic remnant of the past. Through software integration, WealthCounsel aims to unite its estate planning software for attorneys with its users’ practice management systems.

How WealthCounsel is increasing efficiency and accuracy

Wealth Docx® is the premier tool in estate planning document automation. As a leader in document drafting, WealthCounsel is pleased to announce a software integration with Clio, the leading legal case and practice management software. This exciting new product integration will be available in late February 2018.

The system-specific integration allows Wealth Docx online users to link their Clio account with WealthCounsel’s cloud platform. By linking the two systems, users will only need to enter new information into Clio, and then all client information can then be transferred seamlessly into Wealth Docx. Eliminating the need for duplicate entry of information, this integration saves users time and mitigates the possibility for errors. Users can choose to sync contacts, as well as information on matters.

For those using other practice management software, WealthCounsel will offer a second integration option later this quarter. Through WealthCounsel’s open API, Wealth Docx online users can program and design a custom integration with the system used in their firm.

The power is yours: Choose when and how often you sync information

For now, synchronization events are triggered manually, allowing Wealth Docx online and Clio users to choose how often information is shared between the two systems. To initiate a syncing event, a user must first link the two systems, which can be done from either the Clio or WealthCounsel side. Once authorized, an admin user can trigger an event through the integrations page which can be found under the “My Practice” section.

Fully customizable options through field mapping

As always, WealthCounsel aims to meet the diverse needs of its users by enabling its new syncing feature to be customized. Users can specify which informational fields they want to sync: from names, addresses, and Social Security numbers, to legal matters. Information can be further tailored by creating custom fields in Clio (such as gender), which can then be populated in a Wealth Docx field. After your preferences have been saved, a sync event can be initiated. Before syncing is complete, changes can be accepted or denied, allowing Wealth Docx users to have full control over what information is brought over from Clio.

Keep track of your sync events with the history log

The history log acts like an audit trail, allowing users to see every syncing event that has taken place. This is useful for attorneys working in teams because the history log keeps track of what was synced, when, and by whom.

More updates coming in 2018

WealthCounsel will continue enhancing its integration and customization efforts throughout the rest of 2018. Future enhancements may include options for automatic syncing and two-way communication between Wealth Docx online and Clio. Wealth Docx users can also look forward to announcements of additional systems-specific integrations with other practice management software. In the meantime, the Wealth Docx API will be available later this quarter for Wealth Docx online users who would like to design and develop their own custom integration with nearly any cloud-based system.

Integration support for WealthCounsel members

For any questions with setup, current Wealthcounsel members can contact Member Services by email or phone, 888-659-4069 ext. 818, or live chat at member.wealthcounsel.com.

Not a member yet? Schedule your own personal demo to see how you can practice more efficiently and accurately with Wealth Docx and Clio.


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