How Attorneys Can Adapt in Our Era of Mass Customization

Jan 2, 2018 2:43:01 PM

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One-size-fits-all is over. Want a week's worth of customized menus for your picky eaters or reading list based on your preferences? There's an app for that. From technology to consumer products to services, today's consumers have a wider array of individualized options than ever.

The probate world isn't immune to this trend toward mass customization, and millennials, in particular, have unique and varied estate planning objectives. Although a recent survey reveals only about 22 percent of millennials even have a will, of those who do have a will, they often prefer to distribute their assets in unconventional ways.

Three ways you can adapt your practice to this shifting way of doing business include:

  • Launch a virtual office. Providing legal services online expands your reach to those who may not be able to visit your office during the 9-to-5 workday. The improved service is a benefit for your clients, but you, too: Your virtual office may also cut down on the number of in-person appointments needed to handle a routine matter and the staff you need to support a physical office. Explore the opportunities and challenges of a virtual legal office in this recent WealthCounsel podcast episode.
  • Expect the unexpected, when it comes to nontraditional family structures, changing financial portfolios, and more, by investing in software such as Wealth Docx®: With just a few keystrokes you can customize trust documents, wills and more to accommodate your clients' specialized needs. You can even work side-by-side with your clients to draft provisions to effectuate their wishes.
  • Personalize the experience. Instead of following an automatic, prescribed order of business, tailor marketing and in-take meetings to a client's interests and priorities.

Customizing your services also reinforces the value you bring to the clients: It show how you are addressing them as unique individuals, and you do more for them than just fire off a boilerplate package. Get the flexibility you need to win over new clients by switching to Wealth Docx online estate planning software. Offer outside-the-box solutions to your clients' unique issues, and set yourself apart from firms stuck in “cookie cutter” mode.


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